I have been going to Andrea McCoy since 2005. I have watched her grow. She is not afraid to learn new skills or techniques and loves continuing education. I’m always excited for her to try whatever she learned on me. 
Throughout the years, she has been with a handful of salons, but settled down into her own salon suite in 2011. It is such a warm, inviting environment. She always has a water, soda or coffee and keeps a pillow for clients (like me who have an injury). Don’t get me started on how comfortable the shampoo bowl is and how amazing her shampoo massage feels. 
I love to try new things with my hair and Andrea is not afraid to go on this hair journey with me. I get my roots and something else done every three weeks, but I always look forward to my Global Keratin Smoothing Treatment. It is a quarterly smoothing service and I love how it makes my hair feel and the shine it adds. My second and third day hair is amazing. When I asked if I could do the GK Treatment more often, she said no, why waste my money. Furthermore, if there is something I want to do, and it is not good for my hair, face, or head shape, she will tell me “NO”. Her main concern has always been keeping my hair healthy. If you go through portfolio pictures, you will find me in several different colors and styles…I am not letting my age define me. 
Bottom-line, I highly recommend Andrea McCoy. She is attentive, listens to what you have to say, is an excellent communicator and is very knowledgeable. Andrea offers a variety of services and like her tag line says, “If you don’t love what your hair is doing…She Should Be Doing Your Hair!” - Sandy Patterson, Highland Village

I absolutely love Andrea. She always does a great job on my hair. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Diane Nelson - Plano, TX

Andrea is the best stylist ever!! I have challenging hair since it's fine, but the cut and hair styling tips that Andrea provide transform my limp hair into shiny hair with volume. And I've received several compliments on my hair since going to Andrea. She will be honest with you about trying new haircuts and let you know if a style won't work for your face shape or hair type. Looking for a new stylist? Give Andrea a try. You won't be disappointed! Donna Duffy Hurst - Plano, TX

I've been Andrea's client for over 3 years now, and I'm as thrilled with her as I was from the very first visit. We've been through many different hair colors, lengths, and styles, and I've loved every single one. My hair was not in the best shape when we first started, and it's not always easy to work with. It's very thick, usually long, and takes forever to color, cut, and style, but Andrea has never complained or taken shortcuts. She always has my best interest at heart, and gives me honest advice and opinions...but she also listens to my concerns and ideas. The end result is shiny, healthy hair that always looks fantastic. Thank you so much for your creativity, expertise, and friendship over the years, Andrea. I look forward to coming to you for years to come!! Claudia Frankel - Frisco, TX

I'm so happy to find Andrea! She is the best! My color and cut lasts a long time! Dalynn Montgomory - Plano, TX 

Andrea was recommended to me from a friend and I'm so happy I chose to go with her! She did an ombre with my hair and I absolutely love it! She definitely knows what's best for your hair and how to best take care of it! Thank you!!  
Courtney Walpole - Plano, TX

I just started going to Andrea and I am loving it. She is attentive, listens to what you are saying and is knowledgeable in many things.... So happy to have you Andrea!!! Maureen Espinosa - Little Elm, TX

Having my hair done by Andrea is one of my favorite experiences. First, I love the private room with no distractions, and I love that she turns off her cell phone so that my time is my time. She takes the time to listen to me before she picks up the scissors. And as she knows, the shampoo is more than a shampoo for my arthritic neck. It's massage therapy. And the outcome is always what you asked for. Denise Schreiner - Plano, TX

Another winner from Andrea!! Andrea recently gave me my second Global Keratin treatment and I couldn’t be happier. My hair is silkier and smoother than it has ever been and Andrea was able to give me the treatment at my usual hair color touch up appointment. This very affordable treatment is one of the best things I have done for my, hair second only to finding Andrea! And I swear it made my hair grow faster! I highly encourage anyone who struggles with frizzies or unmanageable hair to schedule a GK keratin treatment with Andrea today. Thank you Andrea for always making me feel beautiful! Leslie Hillberry - Plano, TX

Today was my second time seeing Andrea. During the first appointment she did an assessment and we talked about possibilities with my hair. She suggested a treatment to repair some damage that you could see and feel throughout my hair. She worked efficiently and by the time I left, my hair was oh so soft and really, really shiny. My hair has not looked this healthy in years! :-) Courtney - Carrollton, TX

Today I returned to get Klix Hair Extensions put in my hair. I have never had extensions put in my hair so I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. Andrea patiently explained everything I needed to know about hair extensions and also gave me some written instructions to take home so I could refer back to them when I needed to. Stephanie Wolves - Plano, TX

The experience was very pleasant, she offered me a drink, there was a TV I could watch if I wanted, and a radio I could listen to if I chose to. The room is super clean and looks very nice. The chairs you sit in and lay in when she is washing and styling your hair are really comfortable also. Anonymous 

Andrea is easy to talk to, very sweet and will answer all your questions. She has a very unique way of explaining things so the level of communication is awesome. Whatever you want, she can give you and for a great price! I love my hair again and am super happy I found Andrea. I see no reason to go to another salon where I either cannot understand the stylist or the stylist refuses to communicate with me on what I really want. Thank you, thank you, thank you Andrea for bringing my hair back to life! You are a sweet person and I look forward to my future appointments with you. Courtney - Carrollton, TX

Andrea is one of the top stylist in Dallas. She gives her undivided attention to you. No interruptions. Privacy. What this provides to us her clients...she listens to us. Her cuts are pure precision . You know by the way her fingers take command of your hair😋 she knows what you asked for and Ms Andrea gives us what we expect. It don't get any better than her folks!!!! 
Sherry L Dickie - Plano, TX

Thank you so much Andrea for making my hairs BEAUTIFUL!!! You listened to what I was hoping for and achieved my every want. Sabrina Rohlik - Plano, TX

Great cut! Great color! Great listener! Great style! Great (knowledgeable) hairdresser! Great friend! Do yourself a favor and see Andrea today! Christy - Richardson,TX

Andrea requests and create exactly the look you want! She's the only hair stylist I've ever found that can create all the different cuts and colors I like to try! She's also very down to earth and great to talk to. I always look forward to visiting with her! 
Dorian Hara - Plano, TX

Not only is Andrea a fun and friendly person, she is amazing at what she does! She takes the right amount of time to make sure the job is done right! As a client, that means so much! She just put in the KLIX hair extensions for me and I absolutely love them! They are so lightweight and match perfect with my natural hair color and texture! I will recommend them to anyone who wants to add length, volume, or like me.. both!! Call Andrea for a consultation today! It'll be worth your time! :) 
Alexandra DeAnn - The Colony, TX

Can't wait to see Andrea next week - and when you can't wait to see your hairdresser (& friend) you KNOW it will be a great experience/haircut! Do yourself a favor and book your appointment today! Christy Matlock - Richardson. TX

I visited Andrea a month or more ago, but I am now getting to commenting on my service. Andrea was wonderful during consultation; she was very insightful on what would be good for my hair type. She was very professional the entire time! She was also forward with the prices for everything before we proceeded with the process. I will definitely be back again! ​
Jennifer - Plano,TX

I have been coloring my own hair for years and decided to "embrace my gray" . I didn't know where to go for help,so I started searching the internet for a hair stylist to help me. All of Andrea's testimonials were so positive I chose her. She was great!! My hair is dark brown so she gave me a two color process to help as my roots grow out. It looks so good and I have received numerous compliments. Glad I found her to help me go through this process . Thank you Andrea!!! Brenda - Plano, TX

Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Andrea - she's the best at color/haircuts! She not only cares about your hair when you're in her chair, but she provides timely tips for maintenance on her website. Thank you, Andrea! Sara - Coppell, TX

I finally found a hairdresser that can make my hair look better-than-good. I think I found my "forever home!" ​Meegan - Plano, TX

I am so lucky to have found Andrea! My hair has never looked so good. It's healthy, and full, and much easier to work with than it used to be. Andrea's amazing with color, cuts (everything!), and her advice is ALWAYS spot on. Plus she's a sweetheart and a lot of fun, so my visits are a pleasure. Thank you for everything, Andrea -- looking forward to my next appointment as always! ​Claudia Frankel - Frisco, TX

I love my hair! Andrea really cares and listens to what makes you happy. She takes the time to make sure she understands what you are looking for in experiencing a new hair color, cut or even how to use your products and the hair tools properly. You won't be disappointed, now my Mother-In-Law looks forward to her hair color and cut with Andrea. Thanks so much! 
Dorian Hara - Plano, TX

After going to many hairdressers trying to find the perfect fit...I finally found Andrea. I felt at home from the moment I walked in and she has completely transformed my hair back to what it used to be. I am very happy with my new salon home:) 
Kelly Moon - Plano, TX

WOW - Andrea did it again! My hair looks great (what else did I expect?) and I had a wonderful experience. Where else can you get both at the same time? Everybody deserves to have some "Andrea" in their lives. Madison - Richardson, TX

Everyone should have a hair stylist like Andrea - we all deserve to pamper ourselves! Every time I leave her salon I feel better than I did going in. Helen - Plano, TX

I just wanted to update you-one week after our appointment, my blow out abilities are improving! My hair is looking bouncy and healthy on day 2 now. I'm going to try to get the dry shampoo and see if I can train it for 3 days between washes. Anyway, I'm really happy with my hair for the first time in a long time - and have gotten unsolicited compliments as well. Thanks so much! Stacy Kimbriel - Plano, TX

Everybody loves my hair and I couldn't be happier...So if you think "money doesn't buy you happiness" you need a new stylist. Give Andrea a call, you won't be disappointed. C. Mosley - Frisco, TX

I just wanted to tell you how much I love what you did with my hair color and shaping. You know the horror stories we women have and to find someone on the first try...that's almost impossible..JACKPOT!!  K. Hennerfeind - Dallas,TX

I have had problematic hair and a scalp condition for over 30 years. I  was either too ashamed or apprehensive for one reason or another to  visit a stylist very often, and had given up completely 10 years ago. After seeing Andrea's website last year, I decided to give it one more  try.  Andrea took my thin, lifeless and broken hair and gave me a  wonderful cut and color.  She also gave me some tips to try for my scalp problem, which has cleared up tremendously.  I no longer have bad hair  days thanks to her.  God bless you, Andrea! J.O.- Garland, TX 

I just cant say enough about Andrea. I live a little ways out, But I would drive an hour if I had to. Andrea gives me exactly the color and style I want and It looks awesome. She is wonderful. So if your not sure let me tell you, make the appointment you will not be sorry. Maggie Davis - Melissa, TX

I have been going to Andrea for years. My hair grows really fast and I have a lot of it. It is a love-hate relationship, really. By the time I am due for an appointment, there is a mini-war and my hair is usually winning. YET AGAIN, Andrea has made me fall in love with my hair. Happens every time I see her! She does a fabulous job and I leave looking red carpet ready with hair tamed, sleek and gorgeous. Andrea also does my daughters hair. What are the chances of getting something right when dealing with an "almost" 15 year old? Andrea is 100%. Andrea is a gem with Alex and cuts her hair beautifully. Swim meet, on a horse, at a party, going to a dance... Alex loves her hair. You rock, Andrea!! Andrea, you do a beautiful job on our hair, which in turn makes our lives easier!! Thank you so much!! Nicole & Alex Spaller - Plano, TX

Every time I get "beautified" by Andrea I have people comment on how good my hair looks. The first time was at jury duty and the last time was at the grocery store with many times in-between! Each compliment gives my a BIG confidence boost! We all deserve to feel good, so if this lovely lady is not doing your hair, make an appointment TODAY - you deserve her special pampering. Christy Matlock - Richardson, TX

Thank you so much for my new cut and color! I couldn't be more thrilled :) My husband thought there was a stranger sitting in our living room when he came out of the office yesterday!! Yes, he and the boys love it too... Can't wait to see you again! 
Kim Dockery - Flower Mound, TX

Andrea has been doing my hair for more than 7 years. I love change! We have great fun changing to a new cut or going for bold colors. Go for it!  Sandy Patterson - Highland Village,TX

I'm a convert! Andrea cut my hair a few months back and I loved it! I gave the gal that had been doing my hair previously one more shot - an I'm not happy with the way she cut it. So, sorry Andrea ~ but you're going to!" Lori Boiling - Plano, TX

I love my hair!!!!!!!! I love my new look! Everywhere I went today somebody said something. I love it!!!! Thank you so much." Laura Chatelain Pula - Carrollton,TX

We have all just stepped out of the shower with dripping wet hair when the phone rings & its long-distance. As it is a seldom heard from relative we happily chat for more than an hour. We know our hair is going to have that wild look resembling Medusa as we haven't had time to style it. When we hang up and warily trudge into the bathroom with hairbrush in hand we tentatively look in the mirror and just run the brush through the tangles when LO AND BEHOLD!! every last hair falls into place. That, ladies, is what a good haircut is about and why Andrea should cut your hair. So do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her today. Bridgette, - Richardson, TX

My hair looked amazing again today!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You are a God send!!! See you soon!! :)  
Renee Dunagin - Plano, TX

Andrea ROCKS! I am so glad I found her!!!" Cara Jo Loper - Plano TX

Andrea is Fabulous at what she does!!" Ashley Rene Carter - Plano, TX

I love my hair! Andrea has been my stylist for 5 years and I always walk away looking and feeling fantastic. She is a true talent and blessing. Vicki Burton - Carrollton, TX

I am so excited! I got so many compliments on my hair!!  LOVE the red!! I already gave your name out!!! 
Susan Lackey - McKinney, TX

I am continuing to spread the word! My hair looks and feels great!  I took some pics and just need to upload them for all to see the magic you create! I love it!" Andrea has been my stylist for 5 years and I wouldn't trust it to anyone else. 
Shelia Ratzer - Garland, TX

Everybody LOVES my hair!! Me too! Already took a pic and going to load it later today on Facebook :)) Thanks again!! Best haircut and color ever!! Mana Graham - Plano,TX

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If you don't LOVE what your hair is doing . . . I Should Be Doing Your Hair!

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